Classification of CNC grinders

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CNC grinding machine is the product of the combination of information technology and mechanical manufacturing technology after the third industrial revolution. As the basic tool of modern machining, it is widely used in important fields of national economic development such as automobile industry, consumer electronics, shipbuilding industry, power equipment, railway locomotives, construction machinery and so on. With the development of science and technology, the downstream industries have higher and higher requirements on the performance and precision of grinding processing, and the upgrading of products is becoming more and more frequent. The demand for grinding machines with precision, rate, high flexibility and high degree of automation continues to grow. Of course, there are many types of grinders. Let's analyze them in detail:

Cylindrical grinder:

Cylindrical grinders are divided into two types: ordinary grinders and cylindrical grinders. Compared with ordinary grinders, its headstock and under the grinding wheel are equipped with turntables, which can deflect a certain angle around the vertical axis, and add accessories such as internal grinding heads. Therefore, its function is also more powerful. It can not only grind the outer cylindrical surface, the end surface and the outer conical surface, but also the inner cylindrical surface, the inner stepped surface and the inner conical surface with large taper.

Internal Grinder:

It is composed of parts such as bed, head frame, grinding tool frame and grinding wheel dresser. The headstock can be rotated around the vertical axis to grind the taper hole. The reciprocating motion of the table is hydraulically driven.

Surface Grinder:

Surface grinders are divided into two types: vertical shaft type and horizontal shaft type. It is generally composed of a bed, a workbench, a column, a slide plate, a grinding head and a grinding wheel dresser. The rectangular worktable is mounted on the horizontal longitudinal guide rail of the bed, on which there are electromagnetic chucks for mounting workpieces. The reciprocating motion of the worktable can be driven by hydraulic pressure or by hand wheel. The grinding wheel is mounted on the grinding head and is directly driven by the motor to rotate. The grinding head moves laterally along the horizontal guide rail of the slide plate and is controlled by hydraulic drive or hand wheel. The sliding plate can be moved along the vertical guide rail of the column to adjust the height of the grinding head and the vertical feed movement, which is controlled by the hand wheel.

Centerless Grinder:

It is a type of grinding machine that does not need to use the axis of the workpiece for grinding. It is mainly composed of three mechanisms: a grinding wheel, an adjustment wheel and a workpiece support. The grinding wheel actually performs the grinding work, and the adjustment wheel controls the workpiece. The rotation of the workpiece and the feed speed of the workpiece are controlled. As for the workpiece support, it supports the workpiece during grinding. There are several ways to cooperate with these three parts. Except for stopping grinding, the principles of CNC grinding machines are mostly the same. It is suitable for use in a small installation space and can meet the simplification and space saving requirements of various production lines. Since the grinding wheel dressing unit is arranged in an inclined downward position above the grinding wheel, it is not necessary to maintain a space for the grinding wheel dressing unit on the side of the grinding wheel, which space is closely related to the lateral dimension of the conventional centerless grinding machine. Therefore, the lateral dimension of the centerless grinding machine can be greatly reduced, and the grinding machine can be installed in a small installation space, thereby meeting the requirements of simplification and space saving of various production lines.

      For the provider of the numerical control system, a flexible and open mechanism is adopted to meet the needs of the industry to a large extent, and a variety of technical applications are integrated to strengthen the automatic control function of the machine tool. The modern manufacturing industry is developing from the competition of reducing labor costs and product costs, and improving the overall efficiency and quality of enterprises to the competition of satisfying customer requirements and actively developing new products. The upgrading cycle of knowledge, technology, and products is getting shorter and shorter, the batches of products are getting smaller and smaller, and the requirements for quality and performance are higher. At the same time, the social awareness of environmental protection and green manufacturing is continuously strengthened. Therefore, advanced manufacturing technology will become an important way for enterprises to win the competition. The combination of computer information technology and manufacturing automation technology is getting closer and closer, and CNC grinding machines, which are an important basis for automated flexible production, will account for more and more of the production machine tools.

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