DFM-1500-4 Multi-spindle VMC

4 spindles Vertical Machine Center INQUIRY

●4Z axis independent servo control,independent correction workpiece position and size deviation.

●4Z axis is gantry type for better rigidity and stability.

●Hidden and  fully closed  chain disc magazine with capacity of 20 tools for each magazine.

●Use BT30 high speed motor spindle, 4-spindle can be milling, cutting, drilling, tapping and other machining.

●The machine is smaller space and more effective capacity than single spindle.


mineral casting stand

mineral casting stand

capacity of 20 tools for each magazine

capacity of 20 tools  and tool positioning probe for each magazine

4 rotary and swivel 5-axis tables

Optional :4 rotary and swivel 5-axis tables

4 axis-high speed 30000 rpm spindle

4 axis-high speed 30000 rpm spindle 


Technical     InformationDFM-1500-4
X axis   traverse300
Y axis   traverse400
Z1/Z2/Z3/Z4   axis traverse300
Table   size1200*400mm
Max   table load300kg
Position   Accuracy±0.005mm/300mm
Reposition   Accuracy±0.005mm/300mm
Spindle   taper boreBT30
Distance   between centers of spindles300mm
Distance   between tool holder and table120-420mm
Chain   magazine4*20 pcs
Rapid   speed 20000 mm/min
Feeding   speed1-15000 mm/min
Tool   changingpneumatic
Spindle   coolingwater cooling
Servo   motor X/Y/Z1.3kw*3kw*0.75kw
Rated   power11kw
Spindle   Speed30000 rpm
Rated   torque8.1 Nm
Rated   voltageAC 380V
Total   power54 kw
Total   Weight6500 kg

Magazine 4x 20 tools
SYTEC Control unit
Spindle cooling system
Manual pulse generator
Lubricating system
Cutting fluid circulation tank
Electric cabinet
Tool positioning probe
Chip remover

4 spindle/multiple 5 axis station
Threading capability
Oil mist separation system
Customized spindle power/speed/torque
Filtering system with filters

DFM-1500-4 Multi-spindle VMC Samples-1       DFM-1500-4 Multi-spindle VMC Samples-2

DFM-1500-4 Multi-spindle VMC Samples-3       DFM-1500-4 Multi-spindle VMC Samples-4


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